And it begins.

Can it really be done..need to watch and see if it touches me and inspires me!


I recently watched the amazing documentary No Impact Man and was completely fascinated with Colin Beavan’s attempt to go a year without impacting the earth. I was inspired by the sacrifices he and his family made to help save our planet. But most of all I was very moved with the joy and excitement that they lived every day while working on this project. When I first read the synopsis I didn’t expect it to seemed easy but Colin and his wife, Michelle, made it appear so.

After seeing the documentary a few times I wanted to join the movement to help save our planet. I’m already a vegetarian and I do my best not to purchase GMO foods, but it just didn’t seem like it was enough. Then while doing my summer cleaning going into fall season I realized I had a bunch of shit I never used just…

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I said I wouldn’t…..

All the things I see on youtube about McDonalds lately (very disgusting by the way) but guess what??… Here I am on my lunch break blogging and eating a chicken sandwich which by the way i took off one piece of bread and shredded half of my chicken into my side salad! What a start! I wasn’t going to eat but with going to school right after work and the lack of discipline to prepare my lunch, McDonalds line at 1:00pm is where I ended up.

Discipline…that is what I lack BUT good news is we are starting a “Biggest Loser” contest at work on Monday and winner takes it all. There is my disciple and motivation, $, that and being able to keep up with my kids this summer! I have four children, step ladder 10,9,7,and 6!!! I don’t like to brag about what I am going to do and the goals I want to reach short term or long term. I like to keep them to myself and would be just happy to succeed when I have reached my goal. SATISFATION.

A day in my life…